Agent-Based Modeling Bootcamp for Health Researchers 2013


Dates:Auguest 19-24,2013

Location: Spinks Addition S320 Teaching Lab, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Attendance: Limited to 35 participants

Fee for Tutorial: $1200 per participant ($600 for students, postdoctoral fellows and other trainees; a limited number of volunteer positions are also available – see the workshop information at the end of this document.) Participants from previous years of the bootcamp may attend at no charge, space permitting

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General Information Download:PDF Version of Tutorial information

*Orientation Information Download: PDF version of Orientation Information


The Agent-Based Modeling Bootcamp for Health Researchers is an intensive, hands-on tutorial that seeks to provide health science researchers with a systematic, practical and accessible introduction to agent-based modeling for health, using familiar language and concepts.  The tutorial will cover a broad set of topics in agent-based modeling, offer optional material for those seeking additional depth of coverage, and emphasize the complementary insights when agent-based modeling is combined with traditional health sciences approaches and with other systems science methods.  Course material are drawn from the instructor’s semester-long interdisciplinary courses at MIT and the University of Saskatchewan.  To make maximal use of the classroom experience, students will be asked to review the instructor’s detailed, hands-on training-oriented material outside of classroom hours; classroom time will briefly review the essentials, but will be primarily devoted to helping students understand key concepts, navigate conceptual challenges and appreciate subtleties, conduct joint agent-based modeling exercises that build on and reinforce the basic training material, and for richer discussion regarding the modeling process.  Session videos, course presentations, example models, and other material will be made available for post-tutorial review.  Optional tutorials will additionally be provided on programming concepts and skills required for intermediate and advanced agent-based modeling.  The optional final day of the bootcamp will give participants the opportunity to brainstorm with the instructor and TAs concerning ideas for modeling projects, and to discuss concrete design and implementation strategies for those projects.


Representative materials from past tutorials and classes can be found here.